Startup Story of Big Bazaar

Startup Story of Big Bazaar

Startup Story of Big Bazaar – Big Bazaar is one of the famous startups of the early ’20s and now has made its root in the market very deeply. Many of us have been to the big bazaar’s retail stores once in our life.

so, let’s know more about this big chain of outlets. Its an Indian retail log chained network of departmental stores, grocery stores, markets, and mini stores. Big Bazaar was founded in 2001 by Kishore Biyani, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the parent company, the Future Group.

Indian actress Asin and the former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni have previously endorsed the fashion vertical of Big Bazaar. The parent Company Future Group is famous for its significance in Indian Markets, retail, and fashion sector.

Startup Story of Big Bazaar

Startup Story of Big Bazaar
Startup Story of Big Bazaar

We can buy all kinds of goods in the big market. All the goods made in the country and abroad are available.

Kishore Biyani, the founder of Big Bazaar, also the founder of retail businesses such as Pantaloon, says that if you do some work with dedication and hard work, then everything will be perfect and according to you. Kishore Biyani digests his talent and defeats everyone.

Kishore Biyani comes from a family that has been involved in the business since the time of his grandfather, who opened a clothes shop in what was then called Bombay after moving there from the village of Nimbi Jodha in Rajasthan.

Growing up in the Malabar Hill area of Mumbai, Biyani attended the city’s prestigious HR College but thought little of his studies, preferring instead to rely on gut instinct and observation in business. He has said that “I spent the better part of the day outside college with friends, wandering around new places and understanding and interpreting the real world.

One day he got an idea to open a retail market in the Indian market, which provides all the goods and household services under one roof, hence started a chain of retail market stores and named it Big Bazaar.

With his dedication and hard work, the stores expand from Kolkata to Mumbai and spread across almost every state of India. Due to their hard work and perseverance, Today Big Bazaar has more than 250 outlets in India across 120 cities. 

He progressed to selling his own brand of clothing fabric and then to manufacturing trousers using it, which in turn led to the launch of his Manz Wear garment manufacturing business in 1987.

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The business, which supplied a few retail outlets, adopted the brand name of Pantaloon and soon expanded into retail itself using a Franchise model. Again he is thinking to collaborate with the famous company amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, and have a discussion about the collaboration of these giants.

The future group occupies a third of the country’s Organized Food and Grocery Market. A conversation with the Amazon company founder revealed that Future Group Company is thinking of strategic investor loans. While offline existence will be sixth with amazon online.

Biyani does not have much choice in the case of a statistical investor, few players have the hunger and money to grow their business in India. There are offers on every item in the big bazaar market, which benefits the buyers a lot. Up to 80% of the discounts are available in the big market, which provides goods and products for us.

Startup Story of Big Bazaar

Startup Story of Big Bazaar
Startup Story of Big Bazaar

Kishore Biyani has benefitted from a human being in a big way through the big bazaar market, there is a lot of employment in every city by having a retail big bazaar. The headquarters of Big Bazaar is in Maharashtra only. He started working with his father, but he found his way of working very old. The secret of Kishore’s success is his dedication and hard work.

Big Bazaar is also the parent chain of Food Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar[4] (abbreviated as fbb), and eZone where at locations it houses all under one roof, while it is sister chain of retail outlets like Brand Factory, Home Town, Central, eZone, etc.

According to Forbes magazine, he had a net worth of US$1.78 billion in 2019. Few cases have been imposed on Big Bazaar like about a tribal girl from Tripura, Barkathal was mentally harassed by being accused of theft by Big Bazaar, Agartala in front of many people which led the girl to commit suicide at her home. Many youth wings protested in front of the mall in Agartala demanding justice.

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